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Diffusion MRI noise mapping using random matrix theory

Veraart, J.; Fieremans, E. & Novikov, D.S.

Denoising of diffusion MRI using random matrix theory

Veraart, J.; Novikov, D.S.; Christiaens, D.; Ades-aron, B.; Sijbers, J. & Fieremans, E.

Unsupervised 3-tissue response function estimation from single-shell or multi-shell diffusion MR data without a co-registered T1 image

Dhollander T, Raffelt D, Connelly A.


SIFT2: Enabling dense quantitative assessment of brain white matter connectivity using streamlines tractography

Smith, R. E.; Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F. & Connelly, A.

Panchromatic sharpening of FOD-based DEC maps by structural T1 information

Dhollander T, Raffelt D, Smith RE, Connelly A.

Time to move on: an FOD-based DEC map to replace DTI's trademark DEC FA

Dhollander T, Smith RE, Tournier JD, Jeurissen B, Connelly A.

Global tractography of multi-shell diffusion-weighted imaging data using a multi-tissue model

Christiaens, D.; Reisert, M.; Dhollander, T.; Sunaert, S.; Suetens, P. & Maes, F.

Connectivity-based fixel enhancement: Whole-brain statistical analysis of diffusion MRI measures in the presence of crossing fibres

Raffelt, D.; Smith, RE.; Ridgway, GR.; Tournier, JD.; Vaughan, DN.; Rose, S.; Henderson, R.; Connelly, A.


Multi-tissue constrained spherical deconvolution for improved analysis of multi-shell diffusion MRI data

Jeurissen, B; Tournier, J-D; Dhollander, T; Connelly, A & Sijbers, J.

Track Orientation Density Imaging (TODI) and Track Orientation Distribution (TOD) based tractography

Dhollander, T., Emsell, L., Van Hecke, W., Maes, F., Sunaert, S., Suetens, P.


SIFT: Spherical-deconvolution informed filtering of tractograms

Smith, R. E.; Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F. & Connelly, A.

Weighted linear least squares estimation of diffusion MRI parameters: strengths, limitations, and pitfalls

Veraart, J.; Sijbers, J.; Sunaert, S.; Leemans, A. & Jeurissen, B.


MRtrix: Diffusion tractography in crossing fiber regions

Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F. & Connelly, A.

Anatomically-constrained tractography:Improved diffusion MRI streamlines tractography through effective use of anatomical information

Smith, R. E.; Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F. & Connelly, A.

A generalised framework for super-resolution track-weighted imaging

Calamante, F.; Tournier, J.-D.; Smith, R. E. & Connelly, A.

Incorporating directional information in diffusion tractography derived maps: angular track imaging (ATI)

Pannek, K., Raffelt, D., Salvado, O., Rose, S.

Reorientation of fiber orientation distributions using apodized point spread functions

Raffelt, D.; Tournier, J.-D.; Crozier, S.; Connelly, A. & Salvado, O.

Apparent Fibre Density: a novel measure for the analysis of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images

Raffelt, D.; Tournier, J.-D.; Rose, S.; Ridgway, G.R.; Henderson, R.; Crozier, S.; Salvado, O.; Connelly, A.

Anatomically-constrained tractography: Improved diffusion MRI streamlines tractography through effective use of anatomical information

Smith, R. E.; Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F. & Connelly, A.


Symmetric diffeomorphic registration of fibre orientation distributions

Raffelt, D.; Tournier, J.-D.; Fripp, J; Crozier, S.; Connelly, A. & Salvado, O.

A novel paradigm for automated segmentation of very large whole-brain probabilistic tractography data sets

Smith, R.E., Tournier, J-D., Calamante, F., Connelly, A.


Improved probabilistic streamlines tractography by 2nd order integration over fibre orientation distributions

Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F. & Connelly, A.

Track-density imaging (TDI): Super-resolution white matter imaging using whole-brain track-density mapping

Calamante, F.; Tournier, J.-D.; Jackson, G. D. & Connelly, A.



Direct estimation of the fiber orientation density function from diffusion-weighted MRI data using spherical deconvolution

Tournier, J.-D.; Calamante, F., Gadian, D.G. & Connelly, A.

External publications


Beyond Fractional Anisotropy: Extraction of bundle-specific structural metrics from crossing fibre models

Riffert, T. W.; Schreiber, J.; Anwander, A. & Knosche, T. R.


The average pathlength map: A diffusion MRI tractography-derived index for studying brain pathology

Pannek, K.; Mathias, J. L.; Bigler, E. D.; Brown, G.; Taylor, J. D. & Rose, S. E.

Adjusting the effect of nonstationarity in cluster-based and TFCE inference

Salimi-Khorshidi, G. Smith, S.M. Nichols, T.E.


Issues with threshold masking in voxel-based morphometry of atrophied brains

Ridgway, G. R.; Omar, R.; Ourselin, S.; Hill, D. L.; Warren, J. D. & Fox, N. C.


Probabilistic fibre tracking: Differentiation of connections from chance events

Morris, D. M.; Embleton, K. V. & Parker, G. J.


In vivo fiber tractography using DT-MRI data

Basser, P. J.; Pajevic, S.; Pierpaoli, C.; Duda, J. & Aldroubi, A.

Minimal gradient encoding for robust estimation of diffusion anisotropy

Papadakis, N. G.; Murrills, C. D.; Hall, L. D.; Huang, C. L.-H. & Adrian Carpenter, T.


Three-dimensional tracking of axonal projections in the brain by magnetic resonance imaging

Mori, S.; Crain, B. J.; Chacko, V. P. & van Zijl, P. C. M.

Optimal strategies for measuring diffusion in anisotropic systems by magnetic resonance imaging

Jones, D.; Horsfield, M. & Simmons, A.