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MR::Filter::Base Class Reference

#include "surface/filter/base.h"

Inheritance diagram for MR::Filter::Base:
MR::Header MR::Filter::ConnectedComponents MR::Filter::DWIBrainMask MR::Filter::Dilate MR::Filter::Erode MR::Filter::FFT MR::Filter::Gradient MR::Filter::MaskClean MR::Filter::Median MR::Filter::Normalise MR::Filter::OptimalThreshold MR::Filter::Resize MR::Filter::Smooth MR::Filter::ZClean

Protected Attributes

std::string message
- Protected Attributes inherited from MR::Header
vector< Axis > axes_
transform_type transform_
std::string name_
KeyValues keyval_
const char * format_
std::unique_ptr< ImageIO::Baseio
 additional information relevant for images stored on file More...
DataType datatype_
 the type of the data as stored on file More...
default_type offset_
 the values by which to scale the intensities More...
default_type scale_
std::array< size_t, 3 > realign_perm_
std::array< bool, 3 > realign_flip_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MR::Header
void acquire_io (Header &H)
void check (const Header &H) const
void realign_transform ()
 realign transform to match RAS coordinate system as closely as possible More...
void sanitise_voxel_sizes ()
void sanitise_transform ()
void sanitise_strides ()

Detailed Description

A base class for defining image filters.

The Filter::Base class defines the basic interface for defining image filters. Since these filters can vary substantially in their design and implementation, the actual functionality of the Base class is almost zero (above and beyond that of the Header class).

It does however allow these filters to be initialised, set up and run using base class pointers, and defines a standardised functor interface that image filter classes should ideally conform to.

Definition at line 44 of file base.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ message

std::string MR::Filter::Base::message

Definition at line 66 of file base.h.

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