We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MRtrix 3.0.3.

This is a bug fix release. We recommend users upgrade as soon as practical, using the instructions provided on our downloads pages (for precompiled packages), or the usual procedure for installations from source.

The full changelog is attached below. Noteworthy changes include:

  • When loading a DICOM directory containing multiple patients and/or studies, the order in which they are presented for user selection may differ from previous behavior. Therefore, any user scripts that automatically perform such selections may need to be revised; but the updated code now ensures that these orderings are sensible and reproducible;

  • We now provide official MRtrix3 containers, offering an alternative platform by which to utilise MRtrix3 tools;

  • Further fixes to handling of phase encoding data when stored in sidecar files, which hopefully resolves issues encountered by those with complex phase encoding acquisition strategies and/or interacting with those data directly.

All the best from the MRtrix3 team!

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