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Version 3.0.3-105-gd3941f44
cubic.h File Reference
#include "types.h"
#include "interp/base.h"
#include "math/cubic_spline.h"
#include "math/least_squares.h"

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class  MR::Interp::SplineInterpBase< ImageType, SplineType, PType >
 This class provides access to the voxel intensities of an image using cubic spline interpolation. More...
class  MR::Interp::SplineInterp< ImageType, SplineType, PType >
class  MR::Interp::SplineInterp< ImageType, SplineType, Math::SplineProcessingType::Value >
class  MR::Interp::SplineInterp< ImageType, SplineType, Math::SplineProcessingType::Derivative >
class  MR::Interp::SplineInterp< ImageType, SplineType, Math::SplineProcessingType::ValueAndDerivative >


namespace  MR
namespace  MR::Interp


template<typename ImageType >
using MR::Interp::Cubic = SplineInterp< ImageType, Math::HermiteSpline< typename ImageType::value_type >, Math::SplineProcessingType::Value >
template<typename ImageType >
using MR::Interp::CubicUniform = SplineInterp< ImageType, Math::UniformBSpline< typename ImageType::value_type >, Math::SplineProcessingType::Value >


template<class ImageType , typename... Args>
Cubic< ImageType > MR::Interp::make_cubic (const ImageType &parent, Args &&... args)