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MR::Math::Stats::GLM::TestFixedHomoscedastic Class Reference

#include "math/stats/glm.h"

Inheritance diagram for MR::Math::Stats::GLM::TestFixedHomoscedastic:
MR::Math::Stats::GLM::TestBase MR::Math::Stats::GLM::TestFixedHeteroscedastic

Protected Attributes

vector< Hypothesis::Partition > partitions
const matrix_type pinvM
const matrix_type Rm
vector< matrix_typeXtX
vector< default_typeone_over_dof
- Protected Attributes inherited from MR::Math::Stats::GLM::TestBase
const matrix_typey
const matrix_type M
const vector< Hypothesis > & c
std::shared_ptr< Math::Zstatisticstat2z

Detailed Description

A class to compute statistics from homoscedastic using a fixed General Linear Model. This class produces a statistic per effect of interest: t-statistic for t-tests, sqrt(F-statistic) for F-tests. It should be used in cases where:

  • the same design matrix is to be applied for all image elements being tested (it is thus able to pre-compute a number of matrices before testing, improving execution speed);
  • When the data are considered to be homoscedastic; that is, the variance is equivalent across all inputs.

Definition at line 273 of file glm.h.

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