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Version 3.0.3-105-gd3941f44
MR::ImageIO::Default Class Reference

#include "image_io/default.h"

Inheritance diagram for MR::ImageIO::Default:
MR::ImageIO::Base MR::ImageIO::SparseLegacy

Public Member Functions

 Default (const Header &header)
 Default (Default &&) noexcept=default
Defaultoperator= (Default &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from MR::ImageIO::Base
 Base (const Header &header)
 Base (Base &&) noexcept=default
 Base (const Base &)=delete
Baseoperator= (const Base &)=delete
virtual ~Base ()
virtual bool is_file_backed () const
void open (const Header &header, size_t buffer_size=0)
void close (const Header &header)
bool is_image_new () const
bool is_image_readwrite () const
void set_readwrite (bool readwrite)
void set_image_is_new (bool image_is_new)
void set_readwrite_if_existing (bool readwrite)
uint8_t * segment (size_t n) const
size_t nsegments () const
size_t segment_size () const
void merge (const Base &B)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void load (const Header &, size_t)
virtual void unload (const Header &)
void map_files (const Header &)
void copy_to_mem (const Header &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MR::ImageIO::Base
void check () const
virtual void load (const Header &header, size_t buffer_size)=0
virtual void unload (const Header &header)=0

Protected Attributes

vector< std::shared_ptr< File::MMap > > mmaps
int64_t bytes_per_segment
- Protected Attributes inherited from MR::ImageIO::Base
size_t segsize
vector< std::unique_ptr< uint8_t[]> > addresses
bool is_new
bool writable

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MR::ImageIO::Base
vector< File::Entryfiles

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file default.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Default() [1/2]

MR::ImageIO::Default::Default ( const Header header)

Definition at line 32 of file default.h.

◆ Default() [2/2]

MR::ImageIO::Default::Default ( Default &&  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy_to_mem()

void MR::ImageIO::Default::copy_to_mem ( const Header )

◆ load()

virtual void MR::ImageIO::Default::load ( const Header ,

Implements MR::ImageIO::Base.

Reimplemented in MR::ImageIO::SparseLegacy.

◆ map_files()

void MR::ImageIO::Default::map_files ( const Header )

◆ operator=()

Default & MR::ImageIO::Default::operator= ( Default &&  )

◆ unload()

virtual void MR::ImageIO::Default::unload ( const Header )

Implements MR::ImageIO::Base.

Reimplemented in MR::ImageIO::SparseLegacy.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_per_segment

int64_t MR::ImageIO::Default::bytes_per_segment

Definition at line 40 of file default.h.

◆ mmaps

vector<std::shared_ptr<File::MMap> > MR::ImageIO::Default::mmaps

Definition at line 39 of file default.h.

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