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MR::Adapter::Warp< Interpolator, ImageType, WarpType > Class Template Reference

an Image providing interpolated values from another Image More...

#include "adapter/warp.h"

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template<template< class ImageType > class Interpolator, class ImageType, class WarpType>
class MR::Adapter::Warp< Interpolator, ImageType, WarpType >

an Image providing interpolated values from another Image

the Warp class provides an Image interface to data interpolated after transformation with the input warp (supplied as a deformation field).

For example:

// reference header:
auto warp = Header::open (argument[0]);
// input data to be resliced:
auto input = Image<float>::open (argument[1]);
auto output = Image<float>::create (argument[2]);
threaded_copy (interp, output);
static Image create(const std::string &image_name, const Header &template_header, bool add_to_command_history=true)
Definition: image.h:192
static Image open(const std::string &image_name, bool read_write_if_existing=false)
Definition: image.h:189
vector< ParsedArgument > argument
the list of arguments parsed from the command-line
void threaded_copy(InputImageType &source, OutputImageType &destination, const vector< size_t > &axes, size_t num_axes_in_thread=1)
Definition: threaded_copy.h:43
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