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MR::Filter::Resize Class Reference

#include "filter/resize.h"

Inheritance diagram for MR::Filter::Resize:
MR::Filter::Base MR::Header

Protected Attributes

int interp_type
transform_type transformation
vector< uint32_t > oversampling
- Protected Attributes inherited from MR::Filter::Base
std::string message
- Protected Attributes inherited from MR::Header
vector< Axis > axes_
transform_type transform_
std::string name_
KeyValues keyval_
const char * format_
std::unique_ptr< ImageIO::Baseio
 additional information relevant for images stored on file More...
DataType datatype_
 the type of the data as stored on file More...
default_type offset_
 the values by which to scale the intensities More...
default_type scale_
std::array< size_t, 3 > realign_perm_
std::array< bool, 3 > realign_flip_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MR::Header
void acquire_io (Header &H)
void check (const Header &H) const
void realign_transform ()
 realign transform to match RAS coordinate system as closely as possible More...
void sanitise_voxel_sizes ()
void sanitise_transform ()
void sanitise_strides ()

Detailed Description

Resize an image

Note that if the image is 4D, then only the first 3 dimensions can be resized.

Also note that if the image is down-sampled, the appropriate smoothing is automatically applied. using Gaussian smoothing.

Automatic oversampling is applied except for nearest-neighbour interpolation, which uses no oversampling.

Typical usage:

Image::Filter::Resize resize_filter (input);
resize_filter.set_scale_factor (scale);
auto output = Image::create (argument[1], resize_filter);
resize_filter (src, dest);
static Image create(const std::string &image_name, const Header &template_header, bool add_to_command_history=true)
Definition: image.h:192
static Image open(const std::string &image_name, bool read_write_if_existing=false)
Definition: image.h:189
vector< ParsedArgument > argument
the list of arguments parsed from the command-line
mat4 scale(float x, float y, float z)
double default_type
the default type used throughout MRtrix
Definition: types.h:228

Definition at line 58 of file resize.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ interp_type

int MR::Filter::Resize::interp_type

Definition at line 176 of file resize.h.

◆ out_of_bounds_value

default_type* MR::Filter::Resize::out_of_bounds_value

Definition at line 179 of file resize.h.

◆ oversampling

vector<uint32_t> MR::Filter::Resize::oversampling

Definition at line 178 of file resize.h.

◆ transformation

transform_type MR::Filter::Resize::transformation

Definition at line 177 of file resize.h.

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